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2014 Opening/Closing Number Information

All the practice files together – .mp3’s & .pdf’s
For the Opening, Alumni and Closing – Click Here To Download.

PDF Files

Opening Number – Click To Download
Closing Number – Click To Download
Alumni Number – Click To Download

MP3 Files

Opener Accompaniment – Click To Download
Opener Soprano – Click To Download
Opener Alto – Click To Download
Opener Tenor – Click To Download
Opener Bass – Click To Download

Alumni Accompaniment – Click To Download
Alumni Soprano – Click To Download
Alumni Alto – Click To Download
Alumni Tenor – Click To Download
Alumni Bass – Click To Download

Closing Accompaniment – Click To Download
Closing Soprano – Click To Download
Closing Alto – Click To Download
Closing Tenor – Click To Download
Closing Bass – Click To Download


Tom Kosa Photography


Tom Kosa Photography

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FREDDY© Alumni

We are very happy to have been a part of your High School Theatrical Experience. As part of the growing FREDDY© Family we often lose touch with Alumni as they move on to bigger and brighter things. This is your opportunity to keep in touch so we know what you are doing and what you have done after High School Graduation. Filling out the information below will allow us to contact you for future FREDDY© Alumni happenings. Please feel free to fill out a new form as the years go by and your information changes. We wish you nothing but success in whatever you do but don’t forget your FREDDY© Family.

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Tribute to Vic Kumma

We pay tribute to Vic Kumma, our beloved Freddy coordinator, house manager, and director of volunteers. He passed away December 10, 2008. Vic was diagnosed with cancer in March, and rarely missed a day at the theatre until entering hospice after Thanksgiving. He was the welcoming smile and voice of the theatre, loved by patrons, volunteers, staff, and the entire Freddy community. We will miss him more than words can express. Beginning with the 2009 program, the Outstanding Solo Vocal FREDDY© was renamed the Vic Kumma Award for Outstanding Solo Vocal Performance.